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Our Expertise Talents & Organisation

  • Rethinking the organisation
  • simplifying ways of working
  • Supporting talents and management
  • Rethinking the organisation

  • simplifying ways of working

  • Supporting talents and management

Client insight

Do the organisation and processes enable the strategic plan objectives to be achieved?
Is the external partner system suited to our next challenges?
How can we improve the time to market of our campaigns?

Our approach

Understand the “real life” of operational teams, their operational fundamentals, nodes, and alternate routes


Build the ‘case for change’ & prepare the team’s buy in


Enter the  relationships in ways that involve conversations and exchanges, as opposed to traditional consultant interviews

Our deliveries

The ‘Case for change’: evaluated transformation scenarios with their challenges, implementation modalities, risks, and benefits


Internal and external ‘buy in’ strategy with associated communications


Key organisation and processes


Job descriptions, mandates, and authorities


Assistance with operational deployment


Individual roadmaps


See the business case

Client insight

Quantifying and objectify key processes and workloads
Identify 'alternative routes' or plan Bs developed by the teams
Improves the time to market of our campaigns
Refocus teams on their high value-added missions

Our approach

We start from the field to identify the “real life” of internal and external stakeholders, from managers to operational staff


Analyses derived from our exchanges are correlated with data collection to provide a detailed, quantitative review of workloads, modalities, nodes, and critical activities


We carry out a diagnosis of tools to complete the functional mapping of activities


Our deliveries

Qualitative and quantitative deployment scenarios focused on the concrete impacts and benefits of changes, with no taboos


Support and training in implementation through real-life situations


Evaluations of impacts at 6, 12, and 18 months


RFI/RFP associated with deployment of collaborative tools.

Client insight

Strengthen the influence and impact of the management team
Manage a successful change in a strategic position
Develop confidence and the effectiveness of internal cooperation
Seek external talent through direct approaches

Our approach

Our perfect understanding of the organisation, its subtleties, roles, and mandates is the starting point of this journey in which the personal dimension and trust are major ingredients of success


No influence and little impact without creating the framework and modalities for trust, enjoyment, and harmony


Real-life situations, through case studies and role-playing, enable lessons to be concretised and anchored in the long term, while at the same time creating a dynamic of trust, the keystone of the approach

Our deliveries

Individual coaching programmes, particularly through real-life prospective case studies


Facilitation of seminars and training plans


Learning expeditions


Direct approach

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