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tout compte fait / tout compte#1

1, 2 and three zeros!

the Content Factory 3.0 is coming up, those who missed the 1.0 & 2.0 previous versions of it should rejoice! Less expensive, faster, more powerful, allowing to link assets together through cloud based interfaces in order to share faces, the content factory 3.0 will be a hit!


ASI, Cloud, App, AI, OIT… everything is centered around content and dematerialization of software resources. Deployment is a breeze. The “open” side of the process becomes extremely structured. The time to market is reduced and allows an optimized personalization of the content. DATA interconnects not only to an existing ecosystem, such as an organization, but also to a global ecosystem such as simultaneous translations, catalogs, products specs, etc. The functionalities are all dematerialized and available as an integrated software suite in the Cloud, providing all the elements necessary for the production workflow. We no longer speak of software or tools but of “containers”.

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