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transform without denying yourself !

the big question of the moment in our sector: how to succeed in its digital transformation?

It would be very pretentious to deliver the ingredients of a successful global and transversal recipe to this problem. Nevertheless, we have been able to verify, throughout our interventions, some fundamental prerequisites.
We make sure to challenge internal convictions and choices about our transformation projects before starting a project of this nature. Steep slopes can never be tackled without a good leader. Our partner will be the internal sponsor who, through his strong commitment and involvement, will allow us to make real changes with serenity.

Clearly, there can be no successful transformation without a strong commitment from each operational department.
Evaluating and challenging the relevance and ROI of the transformation is also part of our job. Putting a figure on the payback and timing it. Too many players are still embarking on digitalization without having a clear idea.
In an era of change, mutation and adaptation, companies are obliged to mobilize substantial financial resources and internal resources on these subjects while securing operational activities despite busy days. Boards need to take a responsible approach by going out on projects and making sure that all the issues are addressed and that the numbers are there when they start.

Taking the time and care to measure the maturity of the actors involved in the major maneuvers, relying on an external consultant to guarantee objectivity and the necessary distance, will give you a head start in accelerating the change over the resistance to change and will allow you to work on the adhesion afterwards.

The expression of needs must take into account the remarks and feedback from the daily experience of the actors of the organization by accompanying them to express their vision of medium-term needs : starting from what exists to build the future, based on concrete facts and experience. It is therefore a question of living alongside internal teams and capturing their reality and their missions. Search, question, observe and free the internal voice in order to capture the fine reality of their needs!

When the time comes to make a choice, we must then ensure that the solutions are properly deployed. Test in real conditions the selected solutions, through POC (Proof Of Concept) by integrating key users of the organization which will allow to check the list of functionalities.
Finally, never forget that any transformation is above all a matter of people. Internal communication must therefore match the ambitions of the project!

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