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life with Monoprix is funny

Florence Chaffiotte, digital marketing and innovation director at Monoprix, looks back on an important year in the life of Monoprix.

This year has been a real creative consecration for Monoprix on the advertising market. The Monoprix saga relied on humor and proximity with the consumer by multiplying the daily accompanying messages, in-store campaigns with an active presence on social networks. With graphic coherence and a clear strategy, and with the orchestration of a mastered complementarity between mass media and digital, Monoprix is at the top of the class in terms of clarity of positioning.

Consumers were not mistaken and the clear and funny message created a buzz. They were able to discover a long TV campaign, an atmospheric film playing on emotion and based on the concept of diverted words written on Monoprix packaging allowing a little girl and a young boy to communicate and reveal their mutual attraction. In addition, there were films with multiple teaser purposes to complete the TV story. This is the perfect demonstration of the intelligent exploitation of each media channel. Recently the click and collect film with a young girl who undergoes for very long minutes an atrocious and outdated music for reasons that escape us, the framing is focused on her face during the whole spot. The fall reveals the reasons of the torture, her hands are mobilized by her heavy packages of shopping. This video campaign had a considerable echo on the web to carry a simple message of digital innovation of the brand’s services.

Awarded many times by professionals (recently the Grand Prix Stratégies, Effi prize, Golden Lion in Cannes), Florence Chaffiotte tells us about the organization of such a content production and about her collaborative work with the Rosapark agency.

Florence Chaffiotte, directrice marketing digital et innovation de Monoprix

In this context of ultra dense creative production, do you have a content factory at Monoprix?
Florence Chaffiotte:
: Indeed, given our ambition to become true partners in the daily life of our consumers, we have set up a factory dedicated to the creative production of our brand. Organized as a warroom, the 7 factory was created 6 months ago within our agency Rosapark. We have established a real partnership with our agency and work in a climate of total trust. Today, 25 people are working full time at Rosa on the creative production of the brand.
To maintain this close relationship with the urban environment, Rosa’s team meets every morning to decide on the day’s creative theme and then unleashes its production armada on all channels. Rosa has to mix between creative jumps based on unavoidable events (Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Women’s Day…) that are planned and worked on beforehand, and “news and trends” subjects that require real-time reactivity. This double rhythm allows the brand to play with everyday life and to surprise with its mischief. Rosa meets every morning and brainstorms on the theme of the day, Monop validates the theme and then Rosa takes over to translate it into Monoprix language.
The production of content to be perfectly effective and autonomous is framed by a DO DONT of the brand perfectly mastered by the agency as by the market com services at Monoprix. A true communication bible, Monoprix has thought out and drafted its outlines so as to never deviate from its course. Among other things, “no politics, no polemics” are the first two cornerstones, capturing the air of the times and the little bubbles of trends and urban amazement that shake the city. Close, friendly and funny, Monoprix has taken care of its sympathy capital and its presence in the mind.


How do you explain such a success ?
FC : First of all, the choice of grouping all the creation and its variations within the same agency, thus creating a strong and unique partnership, thus promoting a serene and powerful collaborative work, based on respect with, in addition, an excellent understanding.
Then a strong sponsor from the Monoprix management who dares to follow the audacity of its agency. But also, a fluid organization allowing a necessary agility for this everyday brand.


Do you have a content management platform, a workflow between agency and monopoly ?
FC : We are in the process of deploying a PIM and implementing a workflow between Monoprix and all the partners with which it interacts, a collaborative solution that ensures a complete management starting from the promotional and commercial offer integrating the pricing part, from creative design, visuals, ref texts, catalogs, campaigns, promotions, sales animations, to performance measurement and reporting. A powerful tool that will change the daily life of internal teams.


How are market-com services organized, are they set up in silos ? 
FC : Today, 80 people work in the department. A brand manager leads a team of 25 people and defines a base that will be used by all the departments, and is adapted to each channel and issue. A customer marketing director focused on date and crm, a price and promotion director and a design and innovation director who works on the customer journey in store.


What is for you the most outstanding innovation this years for Monoprix ?
FC : Monop’Easy was a small revolution that will probably change the way people shop in the future and have an impact on the customer experience. It is an application that allows the customer to scan his products in store and leave without going through the checkout.


The challenges and issues facing Monoprix tomorrow ?
FC : Without a doubt, the hyper-personalization of the customer relationship. We are awaited on this subject and we are working on this promise with passion.


la pépite du groupe Casino


5 billion €
In sales in 2017, 40% of whichh were in non-food products

35 % 
market share in Paris

250 cities
In France, in city centers though 3 formats:
Monoprix – Monop’ – Naturalia

800 stores
including 700 in france

800 000
customers per day

1 million fans
On Facebook in 2014.
The most conversational brand in its sector

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