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Consumer Generated Content

What if your target audience produced your online advertising content at a lower cost?

If you are not familiar with the concept of Consumer Generated Content, you should know that once you have acquired the tools of this solution, you will not be able to do without it and your Brand Image will thank you for it !
First of all, Consumer Generated Content, also called CGC, refers to the content created by a brand’s consumers. This content is distributed by your targets on social networks via consumer reviews or forums as well as by other means such as live videos from streaming platforms like YouTube, Facebook or Instagram for example.


The benefits of GSCs are numerous: They build brand awareness; establish credibility as a leader or challenger in your market; allow your brand to have a much more “human” and accessible feel; and boost your sales.


Obviously, the impact of GSCs will depend on your products and services. According to a study published by Bazaar Voice (2018) and Single Grain, we can point to a strong potential with millennials and baby boomers but more specifically :

  • 84% of millennials and 70% of baby boomers would be directly impacted by this type of content.
  • 85% of consumers find that GSC is more influential than branded content.
  • 60% of consumers say GSC is the most authentic type of content versus 20% who say they are more receptive to branded content.


As defined earlier, these productions are mainly the result of a spontaneous act from your target but they can also be encouraged. So, the question that must be on everyone’s mind right now is: “But how do I encourage my target to do it? The following four main points can help you achieve this goal:


  1. Choose the most appropriate social networks for your campaign:: Not only should you go where your target will be the most numerous, but above all where to relay information, where your target will be able to express its feelings and impressions about the product or service with the greatest impact and influence. This implies to know well the different communication channels of your brand and your targets. Don’t hesitate to mention your consumers on a post when they produce content for you, it’s a real win-win service because you benefit from their networks and they benefit from the exposure.
  2. Define precisely your objectives for your users’ GSC : Your objectives can be multiple but above all they must be coherent with your brand strategy. For example, if you want to build trust around your brand, the use of specific keywords or phrases associated with your brand must be calculated and adjusted according to the reactions of your targets so that the relay is assured in this sense.
  3. Tell your audience what content you want : Make sure you generate engagement with your followers and consumers on social media by designating the type of content you want them to create with exact keywords or the exact phrase. This can happen in the context of a contest for example around a product or service to be product or service to be won.
  4. Focus on the community aspect : As a community manager you need to create a persona for the brand and connect customers. On this aspect, focus on communicating with your community, properly build your credibility, answer questions and above all give recognition. It is absolutely necessary to value the human side so that the user knows that there is someone behind the screen, it is a real opportunity for your brand image.


To conclude this topic, do not neglect the analysis of the results of your actions. They must always be measured and readjusted as best as possible to match your target and your brand content strategy.

Now that you have the tools to juggle GSC, get out there and let your consumers surprise you !

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